Android fingerprintmanager crypto object

android fingerprintmanager crypto object

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A wrapper class for the crypto objects supported by FingerprintManager. CryptoObject extends Object java.

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Best Java code snippets using goldiraprime.netprintManager$goldiraprime.nether (Showing top 5 results out of ). This post explores several places where the Biometric Library's CryptoObject comes in handy for these use cases. Android's biometric APIs. So passing in a CryptoObject to the fingerprint manager lets the manager have an anchor that confirms the the finger print auth results were not.
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Again you won't have to mess with these if you pass a null CryptoObject A matter of point of view Fingerprint authentication doesn't require a CryptoObject, in fact it's quite the opposite. Related You can find a reference implementation and instructions on how to show a biometric authentication dialog in the Android developer documentation. Object clone Creates and returns a copy of this object. Should the parameter be set to null , this means the fingerprint authorization is purely event-bound, likely creating a security issue.