How stop limit works binance

how stop limit works binance

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This price difference will allow for a safety gap in price, your order will be or below the current price. PARAGRAPHAccount Functions. Please note that after the you can view and edit limit price and a stop. Once you submit the orders, market price reaches bnance limit - [ Spot ].

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????????? Spot trading (STOP LIMIT AND OCO TRADING) -- Binance spot trading
A stop price is a trigger for the limit order to be placed, and the limit order is the maximum (or minimum) amount that you will pay/receive. When a trader makes a stop-limit order, the order is sent to the public exchange and recorded on the order book. The order remains active until. Log in to your Binance account and go to [Trade] - [Spot]. Select either [Buy] or [Sell], then click [Stop-limit]. 2. Enter the stop price, limit price, and the.
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Thus, in a stop-limit order, after the stop price is triggered, the limit order takes effect to ensure that the order is not completed unless the price is at or better than the limit price that the investor has specified. First, set the stop price which is the price at which you want the trade to be triggered. However, as with any limit order, the risk here is that the order may not get filled at all, leaving the investor stuck with a money-losing position. This compensation may impact how and where listings appear. It's important to note that stop-limit orders do not guarantee that your trade will be executed.